The Demography Project is an independent youth-led non-profit Kenyan community-based organization that leverages civic technology, citizen science and grassroots journalism towards amplifying community voices and enhancing citizen capacity to engage and participate in advancing accountable governance, participatory democracy, environmental conservation and for public awareness.

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Year Established
Our Reach
2022/23 Budget
Our Story
What began as a casual conversation on the worsening conditions of homeless families in our community during the global COVID-19 pandemic, started a wave of responsible citizenry to collect data to support charitable initiatives targeted at alleviating their status in Kiambu and Nairobi Counties. Sixteen Kenyan youth, each skilled in a particular field, was tasked to help develop data systems to strengthen 
Our Vision
Empowered communities where individuals thrive and households flourish.
Our Mission
To promote an enlightened and responsible Kenyan citizenry committed towards democratic principles and actively engaged in the practice of democracy and sustainable development.
Our Commitment
to establish a public and OPEN data repository accessible to ALL Kenyans;
to use technology responsibly produce quality, fact-based information useful to the community;

to produce quality, fact-based information useful to the community and place it in the hands of the community, journalists, researchers, activists and ordinary Kenyans;

to empower the community to initiate local interventions and initiatives towards good governance, public accountability;

to support the development of evidence based community-centred sustainable development programmes;

How We Work
We focus on monitoring, interpreting, evaluation and disseminating accurate and objective demographic, democratic, health and related socioeconomic data to enhance information awareness and collaborative action;
In addition, we seek to improve data use for decision making and strengthening the technical and organizational capacity of communities to collect, analyze, and use data;
Our Core Values
  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Impact
  • Community

Ongoing Projects

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